About Me

Hello, my name is Thuy Vy Tran and I am part of department of Computer Science at George Mason University. I am a rising senior majoring in Computer Science and I plan to graduate Spring 2022. I have a writing portfolio that entails the writing I have done for my classes. I am excited to be doing research this summer!


Send an email at ttran92@gmu.edu

About My Mentor

My mentor is Dr. Elaine Short. She is an assistant professsor in the Computer Science Department at Tufts University. Her main research focus on combining artifical intellegences and robotics to help assists people in achieving their goals, with a focus on people with disability, children and older adults. Her research is done at the AABL (Assistive Agent Behavior and Learning Lab) at Tufts University where they develop algorithms for human-robot interaction.

About My Project

My project will be focusing on the subject of how human feedback to a robot changes over time as the robot learns a task. Since we expect that teaching style changes over time there will be a differences between someone teaching a robot for ten minutes verses two hours. By having people teach a robot (or virtual agent) over long periods of time and comparing the feedback early in teaching to the feedback later in teaching, it will help improve our understanding of the feedback a robot will receive from human interaction.

My Final Report

My Blog

My Blog